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Michael C.
Bone Reading

Elizabeth gave me my first bone reading ever, and I was absolutely floored. The number of people who have read divination for me, I can count on one hand, and their insight was really impressive. I highly recommend a bone reading from them, especially if you've never had one. You won't regret it.

Beth B.
Bone Reading

The bones were stern in my reading, but Elizabeth was able to deliver their message in a kind yet humorous manner. I have an excellent roadmap for my future after this experience. If you are considering a reading with bones, look no further than Elizabeth Autumnalis. Their connection with the New England genus loci, as well as their strong communication with ancestors, lends to a highly detailed and enlightening reading.

If you have hard questions that may require tough answers, book a reading. You won’t be disappointed.

Mat A.
Product Review

Elizabeth Autumnalis is one of the most insightful witches I have met in my life, a beloved peer and friend. As a lifelong witch, they are devoted to constantly improving their Craft while having privy to insights and secrets passed on to her since early childhood. I believe in them so much that I was excited and eager to assist them when they asked if I wanted to design labels for their new oils and sprays. The energy from their concoctions are so palpable, you can feel them in your energy field pretty much instantly. Unlike others who carelessly throw together ingredients and package it, everything they do is imbued with magickal energy and with the utmost care, giving their already masterful artisan blends a life of their very own. You will surely notice the difference between products from this witch and products from others.

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