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Durham Personal Statement

We have a facility for you to submit a substitute personal statement for a course you have applied for at Durham University if you so wish. This substitute personal statement will be used instead of the personal statement which you submitted in your UCAS application.

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  • Our supportive approach enables our people to achieve extraordinary things. And our loyal and devoted worldwide community, wherever they go, whatever they do, are always Durham inspired. We find it easy to be proud of the extraordinary people we have at Durham. We offer the inspiration, they achieve the outstanding. We invite you to join them.

  • Interviews and Selection Days. The only course for which an interview forms a compulsory part of the selection process is BA (Hons) Primary Education. If you apply to our Foundation Programme you may also be invited to attend an interview. If you’re invited to attend an interview for Primary Education then we’ll let you know through UCAS.

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