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About Me

I am a multi-generational witch who blends their work with the Spirits of Place, local seasonal cycles, and the art of storytelling into a practice that is fully my own.

My focus is on animism and general spirit work and I offer Found Item/Bone readings deeply tied to that work.


I write for Patheos Pagan under the blog

Hawthorne & the Rose and I have been working on my first book on witchcraft forthcoming through Llewellyn.


Psychic Readings

A unique form of divination that consults the spirits of bones, shells, dice and curios.

Incense & Oils

Incense, oils, and more.

Handcrafted with the highest quality of herbs, resins, and oils.

Poppets & Spellwork

Spellwork utilizing sigils, planetary alignments, beeswax poppets, handcrafted oils, and more.


Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Aug 24
    TempleFest 2019
    Aug 24, 2019, 3:00 PM
    TempleFest 2019, 36 Sargent Camp Rd, Hancock, NH 03449, USA
    Join Elizabeth Autumnalis, Matooka Moonbear, and Matthew Venus to learn more about the divinatory art of bone throwing.
  • Fri, Aug 23
    Boston University Sargent Center
    Aug 23, 2019, 11:45 AM
    Boston University Sargent Center, 36 Sargent Camp Rd, Hancock, NH 03449, USA
    A deeper dive into the magic of the Wheel of the Year and how to tailor it to your own practice.

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